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The Ithaca Dance Directory

The Ithaca Dance Directory is now open to all dance troupes and dance concerns with the Central New York Region of Ithaca / Tompkins County. This means ballet, modern dance, as well as cheerleaders all the way to folkdancing. Its all included.

The Ithaca Dance Directory was first developed to create a central webpage where all the activities concerning dance of Mr. Roger M. Christian can be recorded and noted on the internet. Often, and with additional links which came after, The Ithaca Dance Directory more than often out ranked Mr. Christian's leading dance buisness werbsites.

With this in mind, Mr Christian went on to add to this discovery by likewise creating The Ithaca Fashions Directory, as well as The Ithaca Sports Directory all having the same results.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Latina Danza de Arte Master in Ithaca, New York

Mr. Roger M. Christain

Taught by the Top Dance Masters of the 20th Century: Names are coming based upon legal confirmation. Billie and Bobby Irvine ~ International Ballroom Dance Champions 1970s ( Longest title holders too! ) ~ 6 Seminars ; Fernando "PePe'" Baez Lima, Peru - taught at AM @ D.C. 70s, ~ Trained Intensive: Nina Somiego ( Sp? ), Latin Dance Director of Arthur Murray 1970s - then with her protege Rosario; Joe Jinkins - American Ballroom Dance Champion late 60s - early 70s. Additional ; Barbara Theusen, The Kaloff and Ithaca Ballet, Swing - Lindy Hop Master - ArthurMurray Dance Studios Freddie James. Dance Tips by Chubby Checkers, James Brown, and Donald O'Connor. More to come

Member 377th V.V.A.

Dance Titles Held:
New York State Chairman of Dance, Federation of Music Clubs, Assistant Manager, Fred Astaire Dance Studios, Washington, D.C. '70/71, Dance Director, Rhythm Dance Studios, Buffalo, New York for the major ones....

Pro - Am ( Teacher and Female Student Partners )
Miami Beach, San Juan, Acapulco, Washington, D.C, Norfolk, Niagara Falls, Canada, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Utica.

A Personal Stance.

A dance schools purpose is to establish a specific core curricula in the various creative disciplines of dance in order to " facilitate " dance clients' full interests in taking dance lessons; and based solely on their rights to self-determination. Moreover, a dance school interests are invested in producing high dance standards, as well as expanding the creative horizons of each client involved. Thus the foundation of a school must never be based upon local political cultures, clicks, or social-political amateur dance associations, IE. The Ithaca Swing Dance Network, or The Salsa Amigos.

Professional dance teachers will never dominate the local social dance floor of his or her dance market of service. Moreover, the professional will never exploit or create local dance venues in-order to sell dance lessons. Dance lessons and market, or political links to dances are sales pressure techniques to produce market territorial controls-often hiding a " con".

Background notes: "51 years dance experience, 37 years professional."

Born in Miami Florida 1947. Here within the Caribbean Basin, such as Cuba is where at the age of 8, I started my cultural integration with Latin Dance as part of my cultural experiences. Never the less, it was not until the rise of Fidel Castro, which caused the artistic?elite core of Cuban entertainers - dancers to flee to Miami, that at Miami Springs Junior High School, both Latin Dance and Lindy Hop-or what we called in 1962 as Dan "Z" ing to " Da "Jazz - went into high gear within this school's social sphere. Along with the future University of Miami All American, Ted Hendricks, our peer leader,( later on Defensive End with the Baltimore Coats ), both the physical education coaches ( IE. Coach Friday )-who taught the Lindy Hop, and Latin dancing, taught by the flood of in coming Cuban students made dramatic social and artistic impact upon us all. The energy was awesome. Also, at the same time, I attended Miami Springs Dance Academy and learned more. As a result: " Roger Christian was an established and remarkable dancer before the age of 12. " Reference Coach Friday, November 2002.

Dance employment: ( not counting performance and volunteer teachings. )

1969 - 1974 Arthur Murray Dance Studios, Washington,. D.C., Arlington, Va. 1968/70, Fred Astaire Dance Studios Georgetown-Washington, D.C., 1970/71, Arthur Murray Rochester and Buffalo, New York 1971, Fred Astaire, Amherst 1972/74. Rhythm Dance Studios-Dance Director, 1972. SUCB Free University, Office of Minority Student Affairs 1987. 1995 to Present-self employed.

Dance Teacher Education: ( Arthur Murray Dance Studios wanted their teachers to be teachers first dancers second-this made it CLIENT CENTERED. )

Adjudicated to teach Bronze and Silver Dance Standards Arthur Murray Dance Studios; Bronze, Silver, Gold Standards, and International Syllabus ( Approved by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Ballroom Dancing ) Fred Astaire Dance Studios; and Ballroom Theatre Arts Rhythm Dance Studios.

Critical all Masters of Dance Must Have Two Years of Classical Ballet.

Ballet Training Kaloff Ballet, Music in Motion, and The Ithaca Ballet.

Extensive Modern, Latin, Africa, Lyrical, and Latina Danza de Arte at Howard University, State University of New York at Buffalo, State University College at Buffalo, York University and University of Toronto; this also includes "my favorite" Israeli Folk Dance.

Bronze Level is a B.A. in Social Dancing.
Silver Level is a M.A. or Hobby Dancing.
Gold Level is a Phd. in Dance Excellence-Performance-Competition
International Level is Dance as a Sport Level of Competition.
More is to come..


Most recently at National Dance Week, State Theatre, Ithaca, New York, May 4th, 2003, Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hialeah, Florida, Washington, D.C., Mexico City, San Juan, Acapulco, Norfolk, Alexandria, Silver Springs, Arlington, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, U.S. and Canada, Rochester, Ithaca, Deposit at Scott's, Syracuse, Ithaca, Syre, Atlantic City, Toronto, and more to come.

Colleges and Universities:
State University of New York at Buffalo, State University College at Buffalo, University of Toronto, York University, Ithaca College, Howard University, and more to come.

International Cultural Fiestas SUNYAB and SUCB, International Institute-Buffalo, Ithaca Festival, Celebration of Lights-Trumansburg, Conference on Aging and Creativity-Ithaca College. Apple Harvest Festival-Ithaca, Liberation Day, Dupont Circle-Washington, D.C.

Organizer of S.U.C.B. International Cultural Fiesta 1985-92 from $ 800.00 to a $ 6,400 Total. Making it Buffalo's Leading International Event.

Notes:Choreographer, and Dance Judging:

Dance as service industry begins with two key components: One is the knowledge base necessary to establish a school. Two is dedication to the " Clients' " Rights to Self-Determination. The later being the real difference in both character development and the ability to deliver what the " Individual Client " is looking for.

Choreography was first learned by specific training details within both Arthur Murray and Fred Astaire Dance Studios Systems Dance Teacher Training, especially Fred Astaire's, and this focused on Dance competition sales promotions. This was the beginning back in 1969, and since at other seminars, and most recent with Nationally recognized and successful published Barbara Theusen - Owner of Music in Motion ( R ) several learning processes in creative approaches to choreography are still on-going.

Dance Judging was through The National Federation of Music Club's Dance Division which was encouraged by Dance Master Alfredo Corvino during 1973 to 1974, Buffalo, New York. Then under Sharon Ash of Owego Dance Competitions [ Part of the New York Fair's circut of competitions ] - three years of established dance judging.

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Salsa is the Music and Latin Dance is What you do to it.

Salsa is the Music and Latin dance is what you do to it.

The following will be pointing this out.